CACI Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation 

The Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation treatment uses controlled orbital microdermabrasion to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin, leaving a brighter, smoother complexion. CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb will then target fine lines and wrinkles providing a non-invasive alternative to collagen injections with LED light therapy to heal and trigger tissue repair. This facial is completed with the CACI Hydro Mask that intensively hydrates and nourishes the skin. 

45 Minutes 

CACI Blemish Fix Treatment*
This treatment will target specific blemishes, age spots or pigmentation in an area of concern. Skin exfoliation is used in combination with LED light therapy and microcurrent to trigger tissue repair and healing. 

45 Minutes 

CACI Scarring/Stretch Marks*
This treatment combines skin exfoliation with the CACI Wrinkle Comb to refine and soften the appearance of stretch marks and scarring by stimulating tissue repair and healing. 

45 Minutes 

A course of 10-15 treatments is needed

Once a week

Maintenance 4-6 weeks

Our Microdermabrasion treatment is within our CACI facials which includes red and blue LED lights for cell renewal, stimulates collagen, wound healing, acne, scarring, soothes and calms and also can include our wrinkle comb to target fine lines and wrinkles or plump out your lips while were there.


Please do not exfoliate your skin for 48 hours prior to your treatment.



We recommend that you adhere to the following advice after having microdermabrasion treatment:

SPF 30 Everyday

No laser/IPL for 2 weeks pre or post treatment.

No heat treatments including waxing 24 hours before and after.

No sunbeds or sunbathing 24-48 hours before and 5 days after.

Do not wear heavy make-up for 6 hours (mineral based make-up is better and we recommend (glo minerals) 

No tanning products for 6 hours , unless mineral tan.

Male clients to avoid shaving 6-12 hours before and after.

No swimming / exercise 6-12 hours pre or post treatment

At All Times:

During a course of microdermabrasion SPF30 minimum must be applied and exposure to UV should be avoided.

Regular moisturiser application are vital to replenish moisture and prevent the skin from becoming dry and peeling. (we recommend Dermalogica)

Prescription & Retail Products

We will advise you on the best products for your specific skin concerns and see it as an essential part of the treatment. There is no hard sell, but you will leave knowing which products have been applied to your skin and which recommended homecare products will benefit your skin. Products are available to purchase to enhance your skincare routine and maintain the effects of your salon treatment. 

*Please note that we regret that microdermabrasion cannot help clients with the vitiligo disorder.

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