Manicure And Pedicure

After Care Information 

Washing & Exfoliating
Remove rings before washing hands as dirt will build up and irritate your skin
Use a nourishing hand cleanser
Rinse and dry hands properly if left wet they can become cracked and sore
Exfoliate your hands and arms once a week then apply cream
Always apply a hand cream after washing your hands

Wear household gloves or barrier cream for activities involving chemicals
Wear hand cream and gloves when going out in cold weather
Massage hand creams into hands before bed
Massage cuticle oil into nails and cuticles before bed
Always use a base coat to prevent staining your nails

Eat a well balanced diet
Drink 2 litres of water a day
Regular hand and finger exercises improve the blood circulation, make joints more supple and increase the strength of the hands
Use an emery board to neaten a rough edge
keep nails at a sensible length
Buff nails to a healthy pink shine before bed this helps stimulate the blood supply

Pedicure After Care 

Bring a pair of flip flops so your new nail polish can dry thoroughly before your shoes are put on, unless your having gel polish.
After care advice & skin care
Wash feet once a day to minimise the risk of infection.
Keep feet clean and dry.
Exfoliate your feet and legs at least once a week.
Use powder for absorbing sweat before putting on shoes.
Use a foot spray to cool and refresh the feet.
Allow shoes to ventilate properly in between being worn.
Perform foot exercises as this stimulates the blood circulation, strengthens the muscles and loosens the joints.
For tired, aching and swollen feet use a bowl of warm water and add oils and salts, put your feet in and relax.
Prevent build up of hard skin by using a hard skin removal file.
Use a nourishing foot cream.
A pedicure should be carried out every month. manicure and pedicure Wellingborough Rushden