Holistic Massage


Treatment List

Crystal Healing (1 Hour) £40

Aromatherapy Body Massage (1 hour) £40

Aromatherapy Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (1 hour) £40

Indian Head Massage (1 hour) £40

Ayurvedic Holistic Facial (1.5 hours) £60 *Includes lower leg, foot and scalp massage

Meditative Healing (1 hour) £40 *A combination of healing techniques and meditation
Reflexology (1 hour) £40

Crystal Healing

All therapies incorporate Crystal Energy and Healing techniques for individual balance and wellbeing.  Crystals are from the earth’s core and each crystal has its own unique energy vibration and qualities.  We also have an energetic system which incorporates our 7 main chakras (energy centres) and auric field.  When we are stressed or unwell, our energy being can become restricted or blocked.  Crystal healing supports by rebalancing, harmonising and rejuvenating our energy flow.  It helps clear negativity, promoting positivity, soothing pain or discomfort and calming the emotional and mental states.

Crystal Healing is completely holistic in its approach and nurtures the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person, whilst enhancing true purpose, creativity and transformation.  Crystals are intuitively chosen for the person at the time of therapy to enhance and support relaxation and wellbeing… massage beauty salon Rushden Wellingborough Northampton massage reflexology massage therapy

1.5 hour ‘Top to Toe’ therapies £60:

Choose any 2 of the following therapies for complete wellbeing:

*Aromatherapy Back or Body Massage

*Indian Head Massage


*Aromatherapy Face Massage or Ayurvedic Face Massage
*Meditative Healing

The top to toe packages also include Crystal Energy Healing to balance and harmonise your being…  

To make an appointment book online  www.utopia-uk.com  or call or text Suzie Knight on 07949 864 598 

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