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We LOVE Dermalogica and have been loyal to the brand since back in 2003. Dermalogica will give you the results you desire for your skin.

For Dermalogica info and prices please visit there website below and take 30% off the price you see and that is our price. Thank you.


All dermalogica skin treatments are customised to your skins needs by using our 'Face Mapping' skin analysis.    



A very relaxing, deep cleansing and hydrating facial treatment that is customised to your skins needs.

This treatment includes, double cleanse, tone, steam, deep exfoliation, face, neck & shoulder massage, mask, eye care, boosters, moisturiser and samples to take away along with advice on your skin and aftercare. 

(Facials below are our advanced treatment range menu.)

1 hr £40


Age Smart is Dermalogica's advanced anti-ageing system, containing a powerful multi-vitamin complex for those of you who are serious about treating and delaying the signs of ageing such as dryness, dehydration, fine lines and sagging dull lifeless skin.

The Age Smart treatment is performed with exactly the same routine as the Prescriptive Facial but uses the Dermalogica Age Smart line. Your skin will look visibly smoother, younger and refreshed.

1 hr £40


With adult acne on the rise, Dermalogica's Medi-Bac range is here to help. This range targets the specifics of an acneic/breaking out skin with a deep double cleanse, exfoliation, mask and moisturiser to help and prevent any further acne problems.

1 hr £40


Concerned with dull, lack lustre, hyper pigmented skin (sun/age spots), then Dermalogica has the answer. This facial uses powerful exfoliants along with brightening ingredients to give you the results you desire. This must be used with a system of Home Care products to achieve maximum results.

1 hr £40


If your skin is looking red, inflamed or itchy then the super soothing facial is for you, our calming oatmeal masque instantly calms redness and reduces inflammation.

1 hr £40


Treatment Info

Relax and drink plenty of water for the rest of the day.

Do not have any other facial treatments within 48 hours.

Do not apply any perfumed products within 48 hours.

Stay out of direct sunlight including sun beds and heat for 24 hours.


Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to keep your skin fresh and healthy.

Drink 2 litres of water per day.

Re book your facial for in a months time.

Carry out a strict skin care regime at home morning and night every day, this should include cleanse, tone moisturise and eye care.

Massage your skin using circular movements for 5 minutes every day.

Exfoliate twice a week - (depending on your skin condition.)

Apply a mask once a week.

Always use the correct products for your skin type and condition. 

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