(About Eyebrow Tinting)

The colour is waterproof and does not smudge or streak which makes it fantastic if your going on holiday, work in a hot environment or take part in active sports.

Tinting is often a preferable alternative to eyebrow cosmetics which means less time applying make up every day.

Tinting benefits both light and dark haired people and comes in blonde, light brown, medium brown and black.

If your brows are dark tinting creates a more defined look, and if your light haired tinting the brows is perfect to create the natural looking well shaped brows you always wanted.

If your eyebrows are thin with not much hair we can create naturally thicker looking eyebrows. 

Grey hair can also be covered by tinting.


Treatment Info

A patch test is required and needs to be left on 48 hours before your treatment for tint and wax.

Do not wear self tan on the day of your treatment as the wax will remove the tan.

No sunbeds, sunbathing or steam bath 24 hours before.

Do not apply moisturisers or oils on the day.

After Care


Avoid eyebrow cosmetics for 12 hours.

Avoid touching your eyebrows after the application.

No swimming, saunas or sunbeds for 24 hours.

Use oil free facial products for the eye area to try and prolong the colour.


Apply a soothing lotion regularly after your treatment to keep skin soft and minimize any redness or irritation.

Only have luke warm showers or baths.

Avoid make-up or self tanning products.

Avoid sun beds and sunbathing.

Do not touch the area and keep the skin clean.

Refrain from applying perfumed products to the area.

(For 48 hours)

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