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Reflexology With Lisa Tye

Reflexology is a highly, relaxing treatment that works by gently applying pressure to foot or hand reflexes that are mini maps of the body. This supports your body and mind in its own processes of harmonising and balancing, enabling you to heal yourself and increase your health & wellbeing. Many health concerns including stress, anxiety, PMS, menopause symptoms, hay fever, arthritis & an enlarged prostrate, may be supported with reflexology. Your treatment will be delivered by a Clinical Reflexologist, trained to Level 5, the highest qualification available, which means you will have treatments planned to meet your needs using specialised techniques, aftercare advice to support you and plenty of time to listen. Treatments are for all ages and include specialised support for pregnancy & birth, fertility and palliative care. Treatments will be completed with a mini massage using Aromatherapy – a blend of Essential Oil and Carrier Oil to soothe and moisturise your feet.

30 Minute Taster  £20

45 Minute Feet   £30

45 Minute Hands  £30

45 Minute Specialised Stress Buster With Feet  £30

1 HR Reflexology Feet  £40

Transform yourself & your life with the support of Reiki  & experience increased health & wellbeing, as you re-balance your mind, emotions, body and spirit. Reiki is a system used for directing Universal Energy, via the hands, into your main chakras or energy centres to allow you to use the energy to unblock any areas that may be affected by stress or a health concern. You will be working with a Reiki Master/Teacher who will support you by giving you the time you need to talk, offer aftercare advice and provide personalised treatments  

with specific areas targeted as you require.

30 Minute Taster             £20

45 Minute Treatment    £30

1HR Reiki Treatment    £40 

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Hypnotherapy with emma victoria


Emma Victoria Tranmer MA(Hons) PGCE DSFH MNCH (reg.)

Clinical Hypnotherapist Incorporating a modern, solution - focused approach to positive change. 

 Hypnotherapy can help you feel calm, relaxed and more in control.

Hypnotherapy can treat a wide range of issues and can help you cope with stress, anxiety and depression, phobias, insomnia, ibs, weightloss, eating disorders, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, ocd, panic attacks, public speaking, fertility, smoking cessation, tinnitus and much more...

If you are truly committed to the process it can transform your life in a hugely positive way.  

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