Long, Thick, Very Natural Looking Lashes That Last 3 Months With Topups.

You will receive a full consultation to check you are suitable for eyelash extensions and so we can advise you on the look you would like to achieve and to decide which length, thickness and type of curl is required. 

Each eyelash extension is placed on an individual eyelash applied 1 by 1 until all are extended, giving you a natural look without damaging your natural lashes, the extension will last the entire life of the lash it is attached too and will fall away with your natural lash at the end of its cycle, as younger lashes grow through they will be extended at your infill appointment every 2 - 3 weeks.

The treatment is comfortable, you will lay on our treatment bed and relax, your bottom lashes are held with gel eye patches, your lashes will be cleansed and primed to make sure they are squeaky clean ready to be extended, the treatment is painless.

So comfortable to wear they look and feel like they are your own, you are able to shower, exercise, even swim and cry without worrying about them falling out. 

Your lashes can be tinted first for the best results for an extra charge of £8.00, this is a must if you are naturally blonde or have light eyelashes as tinting the lashes enables the lashes to be seen better by us so we can make sure all your lashes are extended and overall the lashes will look better.

Convenient as there is no need for mascara, although water based mascara can be applied to the tips of the lashes for extra definition.

Save money with longer lasting lashes - easily maintained, lashes can be topped up every 2-3 weeks this helps to retain fullness and guarantees longevity.


Full Set

Eyelash extensions -  60 mins - £40

Top Ups

20% of lashes needed - 30 mins £20

50% of lashes needed -  45 mins £30

(I am slowly adding photos of my work at the bottom of the page.)

(Look After Your New Lashes !)



Especially developed to give glamorous volume to individual lash extensions, without affecting the adhesive bond. The unique formulation helps support natural lash growth, whilst nourishing and strengthening properties promote healthy lashes. Simply remove with warm water.

Suitable for individual lash extensions, treated lashes and natural lashes. Not recommended for SVS or Volume lashes. The hypoallergenic formulation is gentle on even the most sensitive eyes. £19

Treatment Info

A patch test for tinting and eyelashes  is required and needs to be left on 48 hours for new clients or clients that have not been for over a year.

If you are pregnant or have sensitive eyes you can not have eyelashes, if you have any eye problems please let us know before your treatment.

On The Day 

No eye make-up on the day of your treatment.

If you wear contact lenses they will need to be removed for the treatment so please bring contacts container.

After Care Advice

In order to keep your semi permanent individual eyelash extensions looking great and lasting, maintenance work needs to be carried out.

For the first 2 hours of them being applied do not let water come into contact with the eyes. 

Use luke warm water to wash your face for 2 days after your treatment.

Avoid, jacuzzi, steam bath, swimming and sauna.

Mascara is not needed when wearing these lashes but if you would like to wear mascara do not apply onto adhesive or it will weaken the glue bond, only apply to ends, mascara needs to be water based not water proof. (Nouveau mascara available)

Do not perm or tint your lashes after your treatment but they can be done before.

Do not use eyelash curlers as these will break the lashes and your natural lashes as well.

Use an oil free eye makeup remover, avoid all oil based products coming into contact with the eyes.

Do not rub, always pat lashes dry after cleansing, use a cotton bud for cleansing around the eye area, never use cotton wool or wipes.

Do not rub your eyes or pull your lashes.

Look after your lashes. 

Contact us if you have any discomfort after your treatment.

Pick up our lash remover product for home use £10

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